In the mid-20 century, famous Swiss Architect Le Corbusier coined the French phrase “beton brut” meaning “raw concrete” to describe the aesthetics of external and internal walls finished in poured concrete. Beton brut became more commonly known as “brutalism”, and ever since has been used to describe both the use of raw concrete and the architecture from where it originated.

In today’s modern residential architecture and interior design, the use of unadorned natural materials such as wood, stone and concrete are being combined creatively with neutral colors to produce inspiring spaces. Starting with just organic base colors, designers are easily able to introduce either strong highlight colors for effect or stay within a neutral color. Concreate prefinished floor planks and wall panels give designers the defining material aesthetic used by Le Corbusier, which is simple and economical to apply while leaving a much smaller carbon footprint than conventional concrete.


With an obsession for the love of concrete wildness, Mr. Shahar algrisi, the soul of the concreate team, puts forward that: Based on the raw material of cement mineral and natural materials, the concept of low-carbon and environmental protection in line with the needs of sustainable development is used for all creation, giving a complete definition for the development of the brand and the innovation of the product.