Quality Assurance

Innovation often have no ready-made standards and experience for reference in many aspects. 

In most cases, amount of time and cost need to be invested to explore and find out., Knowledges been build up from many times failures. Concreate is no exception.  

Since the product R & D, we have always entrusted the International laboratories to carry out various tests on the products. 

From the day of launch we have constantly summarized the valuable opinions in the practical application, and with the great cooperation of Intertek.


We have Develop a set of implementation system for the quality standards of Concreate from raw materials, finished products till to transportation.

keep upgrading the products, Delivery entire service to customers.


We are always committed to building excellent product in line with international standards , in order to make achievement  globally. include the highest quality demands countries

Such as Germany, Japan ... 


Library Test