1. What is Concreate?

Concreate is innovated concrete pre-finished new material for interior application. available in more then 15 colors for wall panel and 3 classic colors for floor panel.

Provide easy solution to have concrete interior decoration

2. What's it made from?

Wall Panel is one solid layer , only 4mm made of Cement , Quartz Sand and Pulp. Floor panel is 2 layers concrete, the base layer which makes up 75% of the panel is magnesium oxide cement with layers of recycled textile which give the base a tensile strength. The top layer is the same as wall panel 4mm thick, air cured and finished with 3 coats of high solid natural oil.

3. Is it Green?

Magnesium oxide cement has been named as one of the World's most sustainable building materials needing more than 50% less energy to manufacture that traditional cement used in other concrete floors. It is mixed with water, natural minerals and recycled natural fibres. With no toxic chemicals it is fully biodegradable and virtually VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) free.

4. How is it installed?

Measuring 600 x 4 x 1200mm the wall panels are lightweight and can be easily cut with a diamond blade and can be installed with Concreate Wall Adhesive on any flat surface, ideal for walls and ceilings.

Floor panel is a readymade micro beveled panel. Its tongue & Groove system fits together with no grout in between the floor. It must be fully bonded to a structural, stable and flat subfloor using Concreate Adhesive.


5. Is it easy to install?

Concreate is relatively easy to install with the correct tools and experience in fitting engineered wood/laminate flooring and wall panel. Installation is dust free and good sized room can be installed by an experienced fitter in a day and can be lived on straight away. It can be installed on most substrate including suspended wooden floors. It is important that the substrate is stable and level and for floor need a 5mm expansion gap is left round its perimeter as a precaution against seasonal movement which can occur in any structure.


6. Is it durable?

Concreate is very durablesuitable for families, general commercial space, etc. It is important that the panels are unpacked correctly handled with care prior to installation as the edges of the panels can be chipped. Once installed correctly it is virtually impossible to damage the durable surface, if a damaged panel is installed it is easily repaired with Concreate powder repair kits.


7. What is it finished with?

The top layer is air cured so that each panel is unique and its finished with 3 coats of high solid WOCA Danish Oil specially designed to coat the open pores of concrete making it resistant to water and stains.


8. Is it Waterproof?

Concreate is water resistant so ideal for all rooms apart from a wet room as it does not have sealed joints.


9. Is it stain proof?

Concreate is stain resistant. The oiled surface will withstand, red wine, coffee, fat and other likely spillages. It is advised that all spills should be cleaned with a damp cloth as quickly as possible.

Concrete has an open pores so eventually if left a stain like red wine could ingress into the surface. This is easily treated with WOCA cleaner /spot remover and once the stain is gone simply apply some maintenance oil to the affected area.


10. Does the floor require maintenance?

Concreate is sealed with oil, which keeps it water and stain resistant. With repeated washing the top coat of oil can need replenishing. The floor will not be damaged but it will begin to take on dirt and staining which some might say is fine with an industrial surface like concrete. So if the floor is to be kept as new it should be periodically maintained with maintenance oil.


11. How do I clean?

Regular cleaning can be done with vacuum/mop and water mix with a little detergent which will gradually strip the oil from the surface. Please refer cleaning and care guide


12. How often will it need maintaining with oil?

In time with regular washing may need a maintenance oil application. In a house kitchen where it may be washed once a week , then a Concreate floor will need an application of maintenance oil in 12-18months. Where as in a bedroom or living room where it is rarely washed it may never need re-oiling.


13. Is it cold surface?

Surprisingly the surface of Concreate is very tactile and not cold to touch. It absorbs ambient temperature and stores it as a thermal mass. This means that it can heat up quickly and maintains room temperature.


14. Can I use it over under floor heating?

Concreate is ideal for under floor heating as it is able to radiate and store heat. So once required room temperature is reached and the thermostat turns off the floor will maintain the heat meaning the heat source is working more efficiently.


15. Can I use it outside?

Party of the Wall Panel can be used exterior , Floor not recommend. Please refer to product date sheet


16. Does it come with a shiny surface?

Not as standard but an extra coat of oil can be applied and machine buffed with a patina disc to create a sheen on the surface.


17. Is it slip resistant

Yes , it is slip resistant.  but also water resistant , fire resistant,anti moisture , mold free ,anti statics. Please refer to product date sheet.


18. Does it require sound insulation?

Concreate has very good sound impact absorption when installed with Concreate Adhesive, which contains cushioning rubber granules, this means that sound isn’t reflected in to a room causing excessive echo.


When installed in an first floor or in an apartment where extra sound insulation is required Concreate can be fully bonded to a high density rubber underlay which give an over all impact sound reduction of<18db.


19. Is Concreate Guaranteed?

Concreate is covered by a 15 year residential use guarantee.