In the process of exploring new products, Shahar algrisi accidentally found that the texture on the cement surface layer is very artistic. These texture lines and mineral impurities, rust spots and so on are large and small, naturally formed and randomly distributed, which is the symbol of the first generation of products. However, in the subsequent production process, it was found that the uncertainty of naturally formed can hardly provide a standardized product to the market, Therefore the whole team took 2 years-2 seasons change, tracking and monitoring the analysis and research of the whole production chain, finally realizing the standardization of products. So , the first generation was named Wild



The traditional reinforced concrete building style has always been favored by architects, such as Bangkok airport and Taichung airport. We hope that we can also show the traditional reinforced concrete building structure style on our light and thin materials, and show the heavy sense of kangruite decoration structure. We processed the materials with polish again , combined with sculpture, and developed the second generation, Named Formwork

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It's not easy to keep innovating and breaking through. When encountering the bottleneck, it often needs a special force. 

In our R & D team, roni fried comes from Israel, and his character is almost paranoid and crazy, Under his insistence and leadership, he has created the creative third generation products of concreate, which are interwoven with sand, gravel, gravel and trace precious minerals, presenting a firm and uninhibited primitive style, 'This product is very creative', 'everyone can understand it differently', 'it can make you full of imagination'. 

When we receive such feedback, it is undoubtedly successful, Our creativity comes from such imagination

 Product Inspiry  Product Inspiry