Repair instructions:

At the installation site, the following conditions may occur

1. Burr appears during field cutting,

2. Install fixing pin hole

3. Slight scratch and peeling of surface color caused by masking paper

4. Slight bruise at the corner

... .

In case of any of the above situations, please use the 'repair kit' provided by Conrad, and use it correctly according to the instructions

In the repair kit: repair powder and repair fluid   

Problem typehandling methodmanual and easy operation
Slight scratchrepair fluidUse sandpaper slightly clean the burr, and apply the repair fluid twice (with clean cotton cloth)

Nail hole

Slightly bruised edge and corner

repair powder, repair fluidAdd 15ml of white glue to 30ml of repair solution, and then add 5ml of water, stir evenly to a proper paste, apply and fill the nail hole, after drying, apply the repair solution once, after drying, apply the repair solution once (with clean cotton cloth)

Warning: the repair fluid is combustible material. After use, soak the dirty cotton cloth with water, seal and tie the garbage belt, and discard it at the designated garbage place. In order to avoid waste and protect the environment, we only provide appropriate repair products


repair products

How to use Repair Powder

Repair Powder

How to use Repair Oil

Repair Oil