Clean and care

Concreate cleaning and maintenance

The indoor wall panel and floor shall be kept clean, and the furniture legs and feet shall be properly protected to prevent abrasion of the ground. Please put a mat at the entrance to prevent a large number of outdoor dirt, soil and so on from entering the room, affecting the indoor environment.


Concreate products are very easy to clean, please do daily maintenance according to the following suggestions:

Cleaning tools: duster, towel, cleaning cloth, bucket, mop, neutral soap water.

Care tools: care oil, watering can, towel or mop, polishing machine. 

Note: the polishing pad must be soft. Do not use hard paper polishing pad.

The polishing pad for wood floor is also suitable for concreate, ceramic tile, marble and other polishing pads, which cannot be used for concreate.

Recommended use: concreate cleaning towel + concreate care oil

Care + maintenance registration cleaning and care methods

Wall panel cleaning:

Wipe the dust on the surface with a dust remover or dry towel. If there are too much dust on the wall, it is recommended to wipe the wall with a wring dry towel (70% dry). If the wall is splashed with other dirties (food residue, coffee, etc.), please wipe them immediately. For dried dirties, please soak them in soapy water (pH neutral) for 2-5 minutes, and then gently wipe them with soft cleaning cloth (EVA, etc.). After the dry dirt is cleaned seriously, apply care oil after drying. Do not use hard materials, such as steel ball.

Floor cleaning:

Clean the floor with soap water, adjust the soap water ratio according to the ratio of 1:20-50 (according to the situation of the floor), keep the warm water at 25-30 . Put the mop into the soap water, wring it out, clean the floor, clean the mop, go back and forth 1-2 times, keep the mop clean. After cleaning, it will be put into use 2-3 after drying. Daily cleaning is recommended once a week.

Floor care:

According to the above cleaning, after the ground is dry, you can use the care oil for the floor. Shake it up first, pour it into the watering can, spray it evenly on the ground, and appropriate amount. Use a clean dry mop or cotton cloth to evenly apply the care oil on the ground. If possible, it is suggested to use the care oil on the polishing machine, with the best protection effect. After the nursing, the floor is put into use after it is completely dry (about 4 hours in summer and 8 hours in winter). Daily care 3-6 times, commercial space 1-3 months according to the use.